Foodmove, a leading transport and logistics partner for wholesalers, contract caterers, manufacturers and retailers, has announced a £1m investment in new, more environmentally friendly vehicles.

The company, which is part of GV Group (Gate Ventures), has bought a fleet of 50 Euro 6 compliant vans as part of a move to future-proof its operations.

The 3.5t vehicles feature multi-temperature transport capabilities, enabling both chilled and ambient product to be delivered at the same time without any loss of quality.

The vehicles will have GPS tracking systems fitted, enabling the company to restrict its drivers to only doing a limited number of miles. The systems will still enable clients to monitor deliveries and progress.

Investment in Euro 6 vehicles is part of Foodmove’s strategy to both reduce its environmental impact and futureproof its business. Vehicles that are not Euro 6 compliant are subject to the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) in London, a levy for drivers of the highest polluting vehicles.

The ULEZ is set to expand from Central London to all areas inside the North and South Circular from 26 October 2021.

The Euro 6 standard was introduced in 2015 to reduce harmful pollutants from vehicle exhaust emissions, including nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matter. The knock-on effect of reducing these pollutants can also mean improved fuel economy and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Tevin Tobun, CEO, Foodmove, said: “Much of Foodmove’s success stems from its ability to be constantly agile and to plan ahead. We are always looking for new ways to make our operations more efficient, both for our customers and clients and the world in which we live.”


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